Life's Most Stressful Moment: Wedding Edition

Life's Most Stressful Moment: Wedding Edition

This is the first of a new series we're introducing that focuses on how to deal with "Life's Most Stressful Moments." From dating, big meetings, landing that dream job interview, and even your wedding day, we know how overwhelming life can be. While you're probably not the type of guy that gets too worked up over the little things, we want to make sure you feel cool, confident, and collected no matter what life throws your way, big or small. So when you're really feeling under pressure, we'll be here with tips, tricks, advice, and of course our trusty, sweat-free TAHAANGA shirts.

Planning a wedding can be a daunting task and you've been crazy stressed out. Between making sure you have the right rings, creating the guest list, writing your vows - let alone staying within budget for the entire thing - you've got your hands pretty full. Oh and did we mention dealing with overbearing family members? These are just a few of the things you have to think about.

Then the morning of your big day comes around and the pre-wedding jitters officially start to settle in. You're probably thinking, "How could anyone possibly stay calm right now?!" Well guess again because you can.

You've got to keep it together. Once you meet eyes with your bride to be everything will be ok but in the mean time you'll have to do your best. Drink a tea, go for a run, grab a drink, or meet up with your best buddy to calm the nerves and put things in perspective. Exercise is probably one of the best stress relievers. Some even opt for meditation, a massage, or a quick nap to relax. 

If you're still a nervous, sweaty mess, we don't blame you. It's your wedding day and it's going to be one of the best days of your life! Throw on your TAHAANGA shirt, slick back your hair, and pull it together. We promise that whether or not you're feeling cool and confident on the inside, you will for sure look that way to everyone else. From casual to semi-formal, to a formal black tie affair, a clean, crisp TAHAANGA shirt will keep you sweat stain free and fresh all day and night.